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FUNKY BREAKS 115 to 130 BPM   FUNKY HOUSE 120 to 135 BPM   FUNKY- JAZZ & HipHop 80 to 110 BPM
All Over The Place Breakbeats Maybe another Day House   Zizi Groove Funky Reggae
You Are So QuietHouse Breaks Rien à Faire House   It Looks Like Luxe HipHop
Short Is Fine Breakbeats Ready For steaming House   My Old BagFunky Reggae
Back From Holidays Breakbeats The Trike Hard House   Shapes of Life Slow Groove
Town Groove Breakbeats Brick Layer Partners House   Jumpy JuiceFunky Reggae
PG Tips Anytime Breakbeats Ceilling Watch House   Miss Take Nu Jazz
Over Sized Breackbeats Funk Morning House   Next Time You'll Know Nu Jazz
Nearbye Solutions Breakbeats Happy Little Things House   Constant Change Nu Jazz
Some Pride You've Got Breaks No Time At All House   This Side Up Nu Jazz
Relax Max Breakbeats Canibal Lounge House   Lost On The Way Nu Jazz
Get On With It Breakbeats No Comments Housy Breaks   Daily ChoicesFunky Reggae
Hazy Nights Breakbeats Start again Please Breakbeats   Picolet de Verão Nu Jazz
Mechanical Revolt Breakbeats Yellow Temperature Housy Breaks   My Favorite CloudNu Jazz
Mizuk Breakbeats         Let It Go Its Way Nu Jazz
Seen It Want It Breakbeats          
Moscow Tides Breackbeats DnB - Electro ...   MIXED LATIN Salsa...
Start Last Get First Breakbeats Remembering StuffDrum' ' Bass        
Future Memories Breakbeats One LaterDrum 'n Bass   Father & Son Mambo
Be Serious Once Breakbeats Nothing TomorrowDrum 'n Bass        
Picolet de Verão Funky Groove Quantum DetourDrum 'n Bass        
Jerking Statues Funk So Many Pictures Drum 'n Bass        
Linear News Funk              
Start again Please Funk              
A Walk In Palermo Funk              
Daily Choices Funk              
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